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You come to the demo platform for Some scripts or examples are displayed here, including PHP scripts, Javascript, MySQL, plugins, ets. Most of them are related to the front-end technology. May you like them.

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Watchdog group accuses Clinton campaign of election law violations

While conducting these and other activities aimed at boosting Clinton, Correct the Record accepted multiple hefty donations, exceeding the $2,700 limit on the amount that can be given to individual candidates, the complaint charges. Among them were $1 million from Priorities USA Action, another pro-Clinton super-PAC, and $500,000 from Henry Laufer, a vice president for research at Renaissance Technologies, a Wall Street hedge fund, and a major Democratic donor who held a fundraiser for the Clinton campaign in Florida last April. (The Center for Responsive Progress, which tracks campaign donations, lists 25 Correct the Record donors who have given the group $100,000 or more.)

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