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jquery lottery animation

At our site you can get jquery lottery animation demo/script, and we are trying our best to create jquery lottery animation effect/example using php, ajax, javascript, jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5, and so on. More sources like jquery lottery animation, including graphics, video, 3D models, photography, internet, apps, plugins, skins, mobile and wordpress, will be revealed on our site.
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jQuery + PHP dice Sweepstakes

Author: bamboo06 on 8-11-2014, 02:46, views: 4370

3 In this paper, Monopoly game as the background, the integrated use of jQuery and PHP knowledge, designed to throw the dice points to achieve the effect of the draw, of course, lottery probability is controllable, developers can use this example to some modifications to the site the raffle scene.
jQuery + PHP dice Sweepstakes

First, we need to prepare two dice and prizes clips. We will write the html page in the following html structure of the code, .wrap used to place the dice and message, # prize is used to place the prize.

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jQuery dice animation

Author: bamboo06 on 8-11-2014, 01:52, views: 20227

25 We must have played dice game, and today I have to share is how to use jQuery to animate dice through the jQuery animate () function in conjunction with custom animation CSS background images switchover animation behind helloweba will have articles published on dice lottery program.
jQuery dice animation

The principle: When the dice thrown by the jQuery animate () function to change the dice displacement, intermediate added delay effect, and transform boson background, the final animation when you run into randomly generated points to stop and throw the show points. In fact, the process of adding a number of different animated picture frames (with flash animation movie frame), the more the better frames, frame by frame and then run after the formation of the animation.

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