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Implementation of file breakpoint resume by HTML5

Author: bamboo06 on 31-01-2019, 22:10, views: 1505

1 HTML5's FILE api has a slice method that splits the BLOB object. The front end obtains the corresponding file through the FileList object, segments the large file according to the specified splitting manner, and then passes it to the back end one by one, and then the back end then splicing the files in a sequence.
Implementation of file breakpoint resume by HTML5

At present, there are two commonly used methods for resuming breakpoints. One is to upload files through the websocket interface, and the other is through ajax. Both methods have their own advantages. Although websocket sounds more high-end, it uses different ones. The other algorithms outside the protocol are basically similar, and the server needs to open the ws interface. Here, the relatively convenient ajax is used to illustrate the idea of uploading the breakpoint.

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PHP + jQuery + Ajax multiple image upload example

Author: bamboo06 on 11-11-2014, 02:03, views: 20272

2 Today I have to share is not refreshing the page under the premise of using PHP + jQuery + Ajax multi-picture upload results. Users only need to click to select the picture you want to upload, and then the picture is automatically uploaded to the server and displayed on the page.
PHP + jQuery + Ajax multiple image upload example

In this paper we use an Ajax form submission plugin: jqery.form.js, have an expert to modify a few lines of code and renamed: jquery.wallform.js, directly used.

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Ajax form submission plugin - jquery form

Author: bamboo06 on 10-11-2014, 04:31, views: 2869

2 jQuery Form plug-in is an excellent Ajax form plugin, we can very easily use it to value processing form controls, clear and reset form controls, attachment uploads, and the completion of Ajax form submission. jQuery Form has two core methods ajaxForm () and ajaxSubmit (), in this article we focus on ajaxSubmit () applications.
Ajax form submission plugin -  jquery form

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