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Google released 2014 annual search rankings

Author: bamboo06 on 17-12-2014, 01:50, views: 1453

2 Google announced the 2014 annual global popular search rankings, from the perspective of the data presented in 2014 for everyone that people are most concerned about the hot events and social trends. This year's list brings together popular characters and events in 72 countries and regions worldwide, and is made in the 2014 worldwide more than 2 trillion based search collection.
Google released 2014 annual search rankings

In 2014 the world's top-ranked popular search rankings is a famous American film actor, a number of Academy Award winner: Robin Williams. He was there in "Dead Poets Society," "Good Will Hunting" and many other classic films over the wonderful performance, loved by fans around the world, and its sudden death of news for all to marvel at. Many people are searching the Internet for information about him, hoping to remember the genius - it all made him popular search ranking highest in the world the first one.

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