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Building LEMP environment in CentOS 7.x

Author: bamboo06 on 3-04-2018, 23:29, views: 23004

0 Recently, due to project requirements, the server was upgraded from CentOS6 to CentOS7, and the corresponding PHP version was also upgraded to PHP5.6. We are familiar with a one-click installation package for LEMP environment, but in this article we will install each component module separately and build a complete PHP operating platform.
Building LEMP environment  in CentOS 7.x

The LNMP environment we often refer to is the Linux/nginx/MySQL/PHP combination. What is LEMP? Actually, Nginx is pronounced Engine-X = E. The LEMP package is made up of Linux, nginx, MariaDB/MySQL, and PHP. It seems that LEMP and LNMP are the same. Now, it is customary to call LEMP in the industry. MariaDB is a branch of the community-driven MySQL database. It has more features and better performance, so we installed MariaDB under CentOS7. I already installed CentOS7. Now I just need to install Nginx, MariaDB and PHP.

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Apple released a tool which can lift iMessage binding

Author: bamboo06 on 12-11-2014, 02:16, views: 1619

11 Apple recently released a new tool to help users more easily between iOS and other smartphones switch. This new tool helps the user to cancel the registration phone number from iMessage system, so as to solve the problem of lost messages.
Apple released a tool which can lift iMessage binding

Previously, many iPhone users report that after a change to any non-iOS phones, are often faced with a very embarrassing situation that can not receive text messages. This problem is due to Apple will help iPhone users to send messages via iMessage channel, even after the user to other devices as well. Because iMessage is Apple's proprietary service, so do not use iOS, but then forget to turn off iMessage, users can not use the Apple device will receive messages sent by friends.

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15 magical and creative app keynote templates best to be choosen

Author: bamboo06 on 1-11-2014, 20:56, views: 6428

5 App Presentation Keynote Template
15 magical and creative app keynote templates best to be choosen

Keynote Template to present your mobile application and simple, professional and unique way. Presentation is available in 2 colors with all images and 10 business icons (PSD+PNG in different sizes).

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