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Building LEMP environment in CentOS 7.x

Author: bamboo06 on 3-04-2018, 23:29, views: 24294

0 Recently, due to project requirements, the server was upgraded from CentOS6 to CentOS7, and the corresponding PHP version was also upgraded to PHP5.6. We are familiar with a one-click installation package for LEMP environment, but in this article we will install each component module separately and build a complete PHP operating platform.
Building LEMP environment  in CentOS 7.x

The LNMP environment we often refer to is the Linux/nginx/MySQL/PHP combination. What is LEMP? Actually, Nginx is pronounced Engine-X = E. The LEMP package is made up of Linux, nginx, MariaDB/MySQL, and PHP. It seems that LEMP and LNMP are the same. Now, it is customary to call LEMP in the industry. MariaDB is a branch of the community-driven MySQL database. It has more features and better performance, so we installed MariaDB under CentOS7. I already installed CentOS7. Now I just need to install Nginx, MariaDB and PHP.

Category: PHP Scripts / Apps


Reveal.js a - framework for doing web presentations

Author: bamboo06 on 3-04-2018, 13:57, views: 5588

6 Reveal.js is a tool that helps us easily create beautiful presentations using HTML, which is our common PPT slideshow. Reveal.js does not depend on any other javascript library and is an independent javascript plugin library. It offers a variety of slide transitions and is a great online demo library.
Reveal.js a - framework for doing web presentations

Reveal.js also has many advanced features, complete installation, some of the functions of reveal.js, like external Markdown and presentation notes, need the presentation to run on a local web server, so you need to run in nodejs environment, install node .js and grunt are a bit more complicated. This article uses a simple installation, combined with examples of the site, using reveal.js to achieve the functionality of the presentation.

Category: Javascript / Plugins