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Pure CSS to make adaptive article pagination

Author: bamboo06 on 21-04-2019, 02:23, views: 1307

0 A pager is one of the front-end components commonly used in web development. It can display data to users in batches. We know that frameworks such as Bootstrap provide very nice tabbed components, but your project may not need Bootstrap, you want to customize a beautiful tab for your own project, so please read this article.
Pure CSS to make adaptive article pagination

This article introduces you to make a beautiful page bar with pure CSS, which can adapt to various mobile screens such as PC and mobile phone. Developers can download the source code and change the css code to customize the style of your own project.

Category: CSS


PHP+Crontab performs scheduled tasks

Author: bamboo06 on 21-04-2019, 02:03, views: 484

0 When we do web project development, we often need to periodically back up data, periodically restart a service or periodically execute a PHP program, etc., generally use Crontab under Linux and use scheduled tasks under Windows. This article focuses on the basics of using Crontab under Linux and performing PHP tasks.
PHP+Crontab performs scheduled tasks

Crontab is a commonly used timing execution tool for Unix/Linux systems that runs specified jobs without human intervention.

Category: PHP Scripts / Apps