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15 best technique to build external links

Author: bamboo06 on 19-02-2017, 01:53, views: 15047

0 Now the search engine, is although already able to handle a variety of styles of URL, but we all know that the simpler things are easier to deal with, search engines are the same, in SEO work, outside the chain building is essential, Headache and vital, the following gives the outbound construction of 15 best tips for your reference only.
15 best technique to build external links

There are many friends, the beginning of the station will often put the new station on the high-key station in the new directory, after a certain time to do 301 redirect, this method is effective in a short time, but also limited, the main consideration is the search engine The contents of the old station, if the new directory content is not relevant, or a period of time to redirect to the non-sub-domain name but a new domain name, this operation will often affect the search engine rating.

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