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At our site you can get bus seat booking demo/script, and we are trying our best to create bus seat booking effect/example using php, ajax, javascript, jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5, and so on. More sources like bus seat booking, including graphics, video, 3D models, photography, internet, apps, plugins, skins, mobile and wordpress, will be revealed on our site.
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jQuery online seat selection (High Speed Rail Edition)

Author: bamboo06 on 21-11-2014, 04:26, views: 35668

10 In addition to the cinema online seat selection, we will come into contact with the aircraft cabin seat selection, of course, there's a bus ticket ticket seat selection. If there is one day to buy train tickets are also available online seat selection, then today I come to tell you how to use jQuery election under the seat plug-in to complete high-speed rail train seat layout, seat selection, different levels of seating pricing and other operations.
jQuery online seat selection (High Speed Rail Edition)

Category: Javascript / Plugins