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At our site you can get risearch demo/script, and we are trying our best to create risearch effect/example using php, ajax, javascript, jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5, and so on. More sources like risearch, including graphics, video, 3D models, photography, internet, apps, plugins, skins, mobile and wordpress, will be revealed on our site.
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PHP open source search engine collection

Author: bamboo06 on 31-10-2014, 03:32, views: 5634

5 Search engine is a very cool stuff, recently looked at Lucene, feeling pretty good, in fact, PHP can also make a search engine, the following is the popular open source php search engine.
PHP open source search engine collection

RiSearch PHP
RiSearch PHP is a high performance, powerful search engine, especially suitable for small and medium-sized site. RiSearch PHP is very fast, it can search 5000-10000 pages in less than 1 seconds. RiSearch is a search engine index, which means it first so your site index and establish a number according to the keyword database to store all your website pages for quick search of the. Risearch is a full-text search engine script, it put all the words are indexed in a single document in addition to define the key words of the configuration files excluded. RiSearch using classic reverse indexing algorithm (with the same large search engine), which is why it will be faster than any other search engine.

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