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Use PHP to serialize data and JSON to formate data

Author: bamboo06 on 16-02-2016, 23:52, views: 2143

6 PHP's serialize a sequence of the variable, the variable type and returns a string expression with a structure, but JSON is a lighter, more user-friendly format for interfaces (AJAX, REST, etc.) for data exchange. In fact, both are in a string manner to reflect a data structure. So what difference does it have between them?
Use PHP to serialize data and JSON to formate data

We may see the contents of a database or stored in a text file with a long list of seemingly has a special meaning in the text string some old WEB system. We look carefully will find that it has a data type and structure information, but it is not easy to read manual, it is only suitable PHP program reads. PHP's serialize the array is serialized and stored. We assume that there is such an array:

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POST data reception mode in PHP

Author: bamboo06 on 8-08-2015, 01:42, views: 2375

3 Typically the user to use the browser web form to submit data to the server post, we use PHP receiving user data POST to the server, and appropriate treatment. But in some cases, such as the user using the client software to send data to the server-side post php program, rather than using $ _POST to identify, then how should we handle it?
POST data reception mode in PHP

$ _POST Is an array variable is passed by way of HTTP POST method consisting of automatic global variable. Such as using $ _POST ['name'] you can receive a web form and web data asynchronously over the post, namely $ _POST can only receive a document type Content-Type: application / data x-www-form-urlencoded submitted.

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