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At our site you can get html5 alarm clock demo/script, and we are trying our best to create html5 alarm clock effect/example using php, ajax, javascript, jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5, and so on. More sources like html5 alarm clock, including graphics, video, 3D models, photography, internet, apps, plugins, skins, mobile and wordpress, will be revealed on our site.
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One great jquery digital clock demo/example

Author: bamboo06 on 8-11-2014, 15:28, views: 3116

35 In previous articles, we introduced several jquery digital clock realization with demos, they are Digital alarm clock by HTML5, Use jQuery and CSS3 to create digital clock (jquery part). If you are interested in them, you can go back to review them. Today we give you another digital clock example by jquery similar like previous one. May you like it.
One great jquery digital clock demo/example

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Digital alarm clock by HTML5

Author: bamboo06 on 27-10-2014, 04:43, views: 5696

11 The last sixth article, we describe how to create a digital clock, and today I want to tell you in this article to set the alarm to sound capabilities increase digital clock basis. As used herein, the HTML5 audio element to a call ringing audio.
Digital alarm clock by HTML5

Want to extend the effect of the digital clock alarm clock, there is a need to do, one thing is to have set the alarm bells a time that can edit interface; second, per listener whether the alarm time, if you pop into the ring time reminders and play ringing audio.

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