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SEO title writing skills: good title is to think out of this

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The importance of the article title, I believe Needless to say we all understand, whether it is to do SEO, or do since the media operations, a good title allows traffic soaring, the importance of the title as the face of the general, especially in this look Of the times, it is not difficult to imagine why so many girls are willing to spend so much time to make-up, others do not know, but my girlfriend make-up at least half an hour every morning, if you did not take the time to think about the title, nothing more than lazy or no inspiration , A good title can be written out overnight, and today to share with you how to write the title of the usual.
SEO title writing skills: good title is to think out of this

First. Start with the SEO point of view to consider

1. Core keyword matching: Each title has a core keyword, do not do SEO can be omitted this step, the author of this article on the title, "SEO soft paper title writing skills: a good title is "SEO soft title writing" is the core of this article, the use of word segmentation technology words, can be divided into "SEO title writing", "soft paper title writing skills", the most important core on The front of the title, from the SEO point of view to get a better weight distribution, but also to facilitate the reader to understand.

2. The length of the title: the general length of the title of the soft text must be controlled within 30 words or less, too long will become cumbersome, do not do too much emphasis here.

3. Keywords appear times: a lot of people do SEO friends, always like to deliberately pile up keywords in the title, where the number of keywords on the title of the request, there is only one: Do not deliberately piling up keywords can be.

Second. Thinking about the user's search habits and needs

Write the title content before, may wish to first think about positioning the user's search habits and needs, one can attract the eye of the title, must be able to sharply penetrate the user's mind, why others can create high-read content, to a large extent on the source In the title of the attraction, how to analyze the user's search habits and needs, generally through the drop-down box, related search, Baidu index tools such as mining, while the content of the title should not be generalized title, a certain refinement for a user Minute.

Third. Title Writing Skills Case Daquan

1. Experienced title

The so-called experience-based title refers to the experience gained through practice, and then to share, such titles generally get the user credibility is high, no one wants to see others through the practice of the conclusions drawn and integrated, Strong.

Example 1: how hard to write original articles in the end? I wrote these original articles for years

Example 2: revision left after-effects, do SEO do not chaos to modify the site title

Example III: I do a few years SEO summary: Web site title should not be modified for several major reasons

2. into the "situation" type of title

Heading into the title is the integration into the personal life of emotion in the title, so as to resonate with the reader in life, but such headlines do not want to need more brains, while integrated into their emotional side results.

Example 1: go these errors led to lost monthly million in SEO work

Example two: due to modify the site title lead to drop right and insomnia of fifteen days

Example 3: Learn SEO, I found the love of life

3. Enter the "territory" type title

Into the "environment" refers to the integration into the life of the King and the environment, write a scene to write love believe that primary school students will be, including life scenarios, working environment, put their own personal experience, is conducive to readers in the brain to create a beautiful picture.

Example 1: Three months of instant noodles life, and finally the website ranking up

Example 2: 1:00 to finally finished this SEO article

Example 3: learn this trick, I am from the SEO outside the chain commissioner to promote SEO executives 4. Story type title

Story-type title is the most common, but also one of the most eye-catching headline, the majority of readers are directed at the story of the word, the story-type title must have the beginning and end, such as the following case of "0 basis" to "independent Operation site "is a beginning to the end of the process, if your content does not start and end, it is recommended not to use the story type title.

Example 1: 3 years of SEO done, how I went from 0 to operate independently based website

Example 2: He learned through February SEO, because read this tutorial

Example 3: Why did he write a good title soft paper? Because at night he is doing these things

5. Hidden mystery type title

The so-called hidden mysterious type of title, generally the most common is that we have seen the title of the party, such a title to tell the reader what the surface, but what is buried in the foreshadowing, attract the eye must be left suspense.

Example 1: a short 2-week bubble to the goddess of the secret, see the last I served

Example 2: do not spend money to lose weight fast coup, clever fat paper are in use

Example 3: After reading this article, you want to write soft-line title will not work

6. Rear-question type title

The title of the title is mostly based on the reader's mind questions, such a title can pull into the distance between the author and the reader, but also to sharply solve the user's questions, increase user curiosity, and such title writing is not high, Is a question and answer to solve.

Example 1: SEO can learn by self-learning it? The answer is all here

Example 2: hair outside the chain and update soft paper now there? These points tell you

Example 3: Why so many tutorials, you still learn bad SEO?

7. Declarative title

Statement type title is generally used the most, and relatively simple, often directly tell the reader what the content of this article, give readers a clear idea and direction of reading.

Example one: the new station on the line, do not change the title of several major reasons

Example 2: do SEO user experience analysis of thinking

Example 3: New station fast access ranking tips

8. High-risk warning type title

High-risk warning type of use less, generally widely used "Do not" "to pay attention" and other words, intended to remind the reader, such titles tend to make the reader serious.

Example 1: Note! Replace the link must understand these points

Example 2: Over the experience, do SEO do not arbitrarily revised

Example 3: do SEO these six low-level errors do not commit

9. Proposed title

Proposed type of title, usually the author of a clear identity, and then for the fixed population recommendations and write the title, the general recommendations of the title more conventional, in the degree of attraction there are certain restrictions, after all, the majority of readers are rarely to listen to suggestions of.

Example 1: SEO grassroots recommendations: do SEO must know how to adhere to

Example 2: To the grassroots: the Internet to promote the three recommendations

Example 3: Why do not I suggest that you use the Hong Kong server?

10. Contrast headings

Comparison of the title must have two reference to contrast, there is a bad one to do a good comparison, it can be comparable to the comparable reference can also be good than bad, where good, the focus is still needed The two reference objects for comparison, otherwise it can not be called the contrast type of title.

Example 1: SEO executives and SEO outside the chain where the Commissioner is poor?

Example 2: Plain text outside the chain and anchor text outside the chain which is better?

Example 3: Original article is better than the pseudo-original article where?

Fourth. List the flow of good headlines

1. clear content: want to write a title, we must know what the content of expression, whether it is done SEO or from the media, whether original or reprinted, we must know what the content is clear that a good content is written Good title basis, so before writing the title, may wish to first think, what is written in the direction of the content.

2. to seize the core point: each title has a very important core point, there is a subject, which is the first point to consider, in line with the SEO location layout, if your title core point is unknown, then write out The title must be spent. The core point at the same time to ensure unity, do not do generalized title, which is recorded in the video will be a detailed example, do not do too much explanation here.

3. The use of the appropriate title in the form of modification: When clear content and to seize the core, the next is to modify the title, and Cen Huiyu in the third largest point has been listed some examples, we can choose to refer to the content.

4. Do not do the title of the party: the title of the party does not mean a good title, and sometimes allow users to generate resentment, do not do the title party, only to avoid "exaggerated", "fuzzy", "unintelligible" Suspense is not the title of the party, so the appropriate left suspense is conducive to increasing attractiveness.

5. To see, write more, more reference: you want to write the title, not be able to write out overnight, you want to write, one must have inspiration, the second is to have awareness, only to see others better Title, and then write their own or more reference to step by step to exercise their own ability.

6. Creative thinking: want to write a different title, be sure to have innovative thinking, according to the Ministry to move the title is not long, so take time to innovate, even if it takes two hours to think about the title Does not matter, to create someone else does not have the title writing ideas.

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