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Use jQuery to achieve multi-condition filter

Author: bamboo06 on 29-12-2015, 01:24, views: 2239

4 When we buy goods business on platform in the Product List, we use filter queries based on brand, style, price range and other conditions, a condition when you click on the page displays user-selected set of conditions, and compliance with the corresponding conditions of commodity information displayed. Well, today we use jQuery to achieve this front-end results.
Use jQuery to achieve multi-condition filter

First, we classify the query conditions arranged conditions container li.select-list on the page and have chosen conditions container div.select-result.

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Use PHP to achieve red envelopes

Author: bamboo06 on 29-12-2015, 00:43, views: 6110

0 Use PHP to achieve distributing red envelopes, and when we enter the number and total amount, PHP will be randomly assigned to each of these two values based on the amount, to ensure that everyone can receive a red envelope, it is to ask the various amount of red envelope, all of the total amount should be equal to the total amount of red envelopes.
Use PHP to achieve red envelopes

We first have to analyze the law.

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