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basicContext.js - Add a powerful context (right-click) menu to your web application

Author: bamboo06 on 15-02-2019, 01:27, views: 1912

0 basicContext.js is a powerful pure Js context menu plugin. The js context menu plugin can make a left-click menu, a right-click menu, and can customize the location of the menu. It supports all modern browsers, including the mobile side, and it can also be used in conjunction with jquery.
basicContext.js - Add a powerful context (right-click) menu to your web application

The basicContext.js plugin can be installed via bower or npm.

Category: PHP Scripts / Javascript / Plugins


PHP PSR-4 Autoloader

Author: bamboo06 on 15-02-2019, 00:56, views: 1353

0 Prior to PSR-4, PHP components and frameworks used the magic method _autoload() or spl_autoload_register() to implement their own autoloaders, so we learned to use each component and framework's unique autoloader, and Nowadays, everyone follows PSR-4, which means we can mix and match multiple PHP components with just one autoloader.
PHP PSR-4 Autoloader

The PHP framework works with an automatic loading mechanism. Autoloading is the process by which the PHP interpreter automatically finds and loads PHP classes as needed at runtime. This is an amazing feature that links many interoperable components of the modern PHP ecosystem.

Category: PHP Scripts