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Part 2: 10 interesting Javascript and CSS libraries

Author: bamboo06 on 18-02-2019, 23:17, views: 1913

0 We continue to provide the latest front-end javascript and CSS library resources for web enthusiasts. We will share some good front-end resources carefully collected this month, thank you for your continued attention to goocode.
Part 2: 10 interesting Javascript and CSS libraries

Core UI is a Bootstrap4-based UI library for background management templates. It provides a highly customizable solution and control panel, and is very easy to integrate with the current popular front-end frames, such as: AngularJS, Angular 2, React.js , and Vue.js.

Category: Javascript / CSS


Use jQuery slide to unlock

Author: bamboo06 on 18-02-2019, 22:41, views: 2968

1 Unlock.js is a jQuery slide unlock plugin. At present, many websites use the verification method of sliding to unlock when a user logs in and registers to prevent malicious attacks. The user needs to slide the specified slider to the specified position in order to pass the verification. Unlock.js can implement this sliding unlock function.
Use jQuery slide to unlock

The unlock.js plugin has the following features:
Slide to unlock.
Size, color, font size, etc. can be customized.
After the unlock is completed, there will be a callback function to trigger further data processing.

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