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Where does the gray industry go with search engine algorithm constantly changing?

Author: bamboo06 on 25-02-2017, 15:28, views: 9470

Gray industry as the name suggests: In short, the word is standing on the edge of the law or engaged in the country are strictly prohibited regardless of online and offline business affairs activities (specify: I do not know the definition of reasonable). In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, some of the past only in the gray industry, has been developed to the line, and the development of more rapid (really formed a line and line combination of O2O closed-loop mode), such as : Porn industry, gaming industry, PW industry and so on.
Where does the gray industry go with search engine algorithm constantly changing?

We all know that the gray industry is very profiteering industry, even if many practitioners at the expense of "law and regulations red line" how high the cost, only one wish to quickly obtain high profits through such projects, of course, high profits and risk is proportional , Which can be said to be the product of the natural law.

Presumably we all know "fast broadcast" incident, where the author is not specific to the "fast broadcast" incident described, and some colleagues may be more than I understand the fast broadcast, because I did not read the video with fast broadcast Oh, and similar events Lift, here is not one by one out.

On some of the gray industry chain as often said that the underground banks, I think this metaphor and then appropriate, our country on these industries are limited, in the country are very low-key "buried in the ground" secretly Dry, of course, due to the strict control of such industries in the country, resulting in a lot of transfer to foreign countries, such as: Singapore, the Philippines and so on.

Especially in the Philippines a lot, in the past two years I received a lot of calls from the headhunter, asked whether it is willing to work in the Philippines, to provide good treatment and benefits, in fact, I understand what the work done there Work, because the Philippines, like a place where Manila will be chaotic, coupled with the exclusion of such gray industry are decisive rejection of the author.

As such industries profiteering, more intense competition, but also belong to the gray industry, such as the platform is basically no filing, the use of space servers are foreign or Hong Kong, and such platforms to obtain the flow means On the way through the black hat SEO operation.

For these gray industry is seeking in a very short period of time, quickly do a good job ranking, quickly get a lot of traffic to seek high profits from, so no matter what kind of black hat techniques are at the expense, if the use of white hat seo Manipulation of the words, in such a highly competitive profits industry, want to quickly get better ranking and traffic is more difficult.

But now in the search engine algorithm constantly changing and more and more humane, intelligent today, mainly by the black hat SEO to get the flow of gray industry where to go from here? Search engine algorithm is a big barrier in the gray industry.

Nearly two or three years Baidu has launched a number of new search engine algorithms, crack down on the use of black hat cheating SEO techniques, like some of the usual cheating methods such as: TDK keyword stacking, buy outside the chain, do station group, sprocket , The use of a large number of posting machine released outside the chain, keyword hidden, news source soft text outside the chain and news source directory sales and other cheating methods have introduced the corresponding algorithm.

Such as a site was found to take the above cheating approach will be reduced in the evaluation of the search engine, resulting in ranking, traffic decline, serious, then the site may be directly K, if the news source site will be cleared out of the news source.

For the usual use of external chain cheating methods, such as: the use of a large number of machines to publish links and the use of soft text outside the chain to get the ranking of the site, and now the search engine can filter out such links, such link weights do not count the page score , So this black hat SEO cheating on the site rankings meaningless, serious site may also be directly K out.

Speaking here suddenly remembered today there is a boss about the author talk about some of the SEO related issues, he said he set up a team about twenty people, mainly to do the gray industry such as gaming. The team set up almost three months, the group did hundreds of months after two or three months of optimization, like no effect, asked me if there is no better way.

And said some competitors as long as the Baidu search under the keywords are tyrants, when the author heard him say that immediately asked him, those tyrants are not a third party platform, he said yes, and that are to some Local government websites or some local news sites have made a directory ranking.

After listening to him say that the author told him like this with third-party high-weight local news portal, and still in the form of a list to get the rankings is not surprising, as the tyrants in accordance with this way to a key word To do his hundreds of catalogs do not cover the screen was strange. (Specify: this kind of local news portal and government network are others in order to sell links and catalog money)

At that time the author on the boss said that such a cheating will not be long, because in the near future Baidu station platform launched the "blue sky algorithm" The introduction of the algorithm is mainly for the news source site sales directory and soft text outside the chain, Found that Baidu official will be given severe punishment, and for some news sources selling catalog, this serious will be removed from the news source, and reduce the site in the search engine evaluation.

And as he said done hundreds of station group optimized for two or three months there is no effect, the author did not feel strange, on the station group Baidu has long been declared to crack down on such cheating means, so now disappear a lot Specialized optimization company, as early as a few years ago there are actually a lot of companies to do special business seo, their operation is the station group, sprocket mode.

Since Baidu green radish algorithm, green radish algorithm 2.0 and so on, this kind of specialized optimization company is now basically rare, some special sale of the link platform is also a lot less, no longer as in the past as high prices, high-profile sale, Even the station owners of the link trading section in order to meet the green and blue algorithm and therefore closed.

In fact, some of the black hat SEO optimization practices in the past to the use of these gray industry is indeed a significant effect, but today's past search engine algorithm constantly changing for the gray industry through these black hat seo techniques to quickly get rankings and A lot of traffic or continuous access to traffic will be difficult.

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