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AlphaGo Innovation

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As the first person to meet with AlphaGo in 2015, the Chinese traveler European football player, the European champion Fan wrote a detailed description of the chess program chess and chess routines, and its use in the recent game strategy and tactics Innovation. The following is Fan Quan full text:
AlphaGo Innovation

One of the most important roles of artificial intelligence is that it helps humans understand and explore the ability of new knowledge in complex areas. The use of artificial intelligence in several areas has given us a glimpse of its ability. For example, using algorithms, we have greatly optimized the use of energy for data centers. Of course, there's our Go program - AlphaGo.

AlphaGo has opened a new era for Go this ancient game since Seoul last month in the history of the game. In the game, AlphaGo showed extraordinary creativity, but also the use of some unprecedented fun trick, which in the chess between professional players and enthusiasts have aroused widespread concern, we have in the game to try artificial intelligence has been used Strokes and tactics. In this process, people for thousands of years handed down those who are considered to have a common sense of Go, launched a new thinking.

"AlphaGo last year against Li Shizhen nine of the chess, it can be said that the whole subversion of the players on the chess awareness.AlphaGo demonstrated by the strength of much beyond our expectations, and to the chess brought a lot of new ideas.

- time, occupation nine, world champion

"I believe that all the players are more or less affected by the 'A teacher' .AlphaGo game so that we feel the freedom of Go, no chess is absolutely impossible. Today, every chess The hands are trying new styles, which in the past are unthinkable.

- Zhou Rui Yang, occupation nine, world champion

At the time of the arrival of the Urumqi Go Summit, we summed up the strategic and tactical innovations that AlphaGo has recently used in the game, as well as some new insights about Go from these moves.

AlphaGo's chess style

AlphaGo is the most powerful place, not reflected in a specific chess or a local change, but it is in each game to show the unique perspective. Although AlphaGo's chess itself is not easy to summarize, but overall, AlphaGo is more inclined to use a free, open style chess style. In its world, there is no preconceived concept, there is no need to comply with the rules, which makes it to break the routine, found the current chess game in the most efficient first-hand. In the next two games, AlphaGo this unique game of the game, often let it out of the first sense of violation, but the power of a strong chess.

Although Go is a game of the site, but in fact the most decisive part is how to balance the various parts of the board. At this point, AlphaGo shows the ability to be excellent. It is particularly worth mentioning that, AlphaGo for the potential of the control can be said to reach the point of superb, in particular, it can be almost accurately determine the existing pawn on the board to the surrounding area can bring much influence. Although the influence of pawn itself is difficult to measure, but AlphaGo powerful value of the network so that it can check all the chessboard as a whole to consider, so its judgments almost accurate. AlphaGo's ability to make the local pawn's influence into a global advantage.
AlphaGo Innovation

This Council, Black (AlphaGo) empty very little, White accounted for three horns, but the black overall situation is more impressive. In particular, the triangular mark in the figure of the exchange, on the one hand to help White to strengthen the upper left corner of the field, but also the expansion of the black appearance. Often, the players do not want to do this exchange, because White is the obvious field, and black side there is a lot of uncertainty. But AlphaGo combined with accurate judgments and risk control, making this move possible.
AlphaGo Innovation

However, the judgment of the value of the potential depends entirely on the current situation, if the value of the potential may be weakened, AlphaGo will voluntarily give up the potential. In the game above, AlphaGo is the most shocking few chess, appeared on the right side of the six sub-road even climb. Go has a chess saying: four external potential line, three real field line, two failure line. AlphaGo's chess is looking at the chess phrase, because the exchange of these hands to make White strong also has a foreign potential, and black just around the edge surrounded by four empty. Most of the players in the figure of this way even climb ashamed, so the first time to deny this law. However, AlphaGo judges that if you can use these exchanges to break the pieces of the white, and then through the white game for a few pieces of chess attack, slowly won the white out of the potential, this method is more conducive to ensuring the advantage.

Novice, new

Alphago recently also out of some layout of the novice, one of the most representative of the starting point of the three three and demon knife set the new changes. Both are breaking the routine and are recognized after more in-depth research.

Start three or three

Go one of the most focus on the field of one of the formula, is undoubtedly the corner of the three three stereotypes:
AlphaGo Innovation

This method can quickly occupy the corner of the site, but the traditional chess books will be classified as not suitable for the use of the start stage, because it gives the other too much potential:
AlphaGo Innovation

AlphaGo's innovation is that it omit these exchanges with triangular marks, leaving the corners in an unfinished form:
AlphaGo Innovation

Although the corner is not as stable as the formula, but Black retains from the left to flee and after the completion of the formula to see the next law (the two choose one), in the seizure of the corner at the same time only to make some of the potential. This tactic in the professional players caused a sensation, and has a player to apply it in the official game:
AlphaGo Innovation

More expectation

AlphaGo's innovation is gaining more and more immediate impact on professional chess, and we hope to provide more opportunities for collaborative research at the next Wuzhen Go Summit. We are excited to look forward to AlphaGo and human professional players work together to explore the true meaning of Go.

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