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How to backup site is a qualified webmaster

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If you are a webmaster, you must know what the site means that for the webmaster. In the face of complex network environment, in order to ensure the normal operation of each webmaster site, you need to add a twelfth of care. But many of the cases that we can not control and predict, such as hacking, hardware damage, human errors, etc., which are likely to have a devastating blow for the site, so that efforts to naught overnight. Therefore, regular backups of site data, in order to ensure the site's "full state place the resurrection." Thus in the event of the above, in order to be able to minimize the loss.
How to backup site is a qualified webmaster

This article will share some specific experiences only for website backup. Master students want to help.

The importance of a habit
This is regarded as a digression. A habit even plays an important role in a person's life - the sentence was too chicken to say do not start. For the owners of the most important is to insist, here's insistence that habit. Site backup, too, the premise is that all you need to develop the habit of site backups. Simply put the site back up the entire station is nothing more than a backup and database backup. In the actual backup process, owners can stabilize the situation in accordance with their own procedures and the use of IDC's website, targeted using a variety of ways to achieve a combination of backup protection of the site.

Backing up the entire station
For backup site files, or back up the whole station directory, in general, in addition to some regular backup backup and special events outside. Under normal circumstances website files are subject to change, is certainly to be backed up once, such as changes to the site template, site features additions and deletions, the main purpose of this type of backup is the worry caused by changes to the site files or cause instability in the whole station website other features lost and files. In general, due to changes in the frequency of the file is small, a relatively long period of backup, can change at each site prior to the relevant file (e.g. change function), the site backup files. For website files or whole directories to back up, generally we can remote directory packaged way, the whole station to a local directory and download package, which is the easiest way. For some large sites, web directory that contains a large number of static pages, images, and some other applications, we can, through FTP tool, the relevant documents under the direct download website directory of local, achieve regular packaged locally according to the backup time and replace. Such security and integrity can ensure maximum website.

Backup of the database
Database for a Web site, its importance is self-evident. Web site files are corrupted, we can restore some of the technical means can be achieved, for example, the template file is missing, we change a template; website files are missing, we can re-install a web application, but if the database is lost, then a strong believe technology webmaster is powerless. Relative to the site database, the frequency change is very big, and the frequency of backups, relatively speaking, relatively speaking more frequently. Some services are generally better IDC, usually once a week to help back up the database. For some use Website CMS website owners who do such Discuz, PHPwind, DEDECMS establishment of systems, such as in the background has a very convenient one-button backup of the database, by automatically backed up to the specified site folders which, if you do not rest assured, you can enter phpmyadmin, you export the database and downloaded to the local, truly local databases, remote double backup.

Find a reliable backup software
For this requires a lot of work site backup for repeated operations, a reliable backup software often played live multiplier effect. Here are five advantages of online backup solutions and analysis:

One, MozyHome
MozyHome is a secure online backup service (ie, network drives). It is a simple, smart and economical way to protect files from being damaged. Protect your data from being accidentally deleted or hardware failures and other hazards. Regular backups of your data to a secure server (USA), it will automatically make you never have to worry about losing important data.

MozyHome advantages:
1, larger space
2GB, though not much, but if it is more tempting for free.

2, permanent free
2GB of permanent free use, 5GB-60GB of fee-based services, but the price is cheap.

3, transmission speed
During installation, he will test the connection speed, and soon!

4, transmission and storage of document security
File transfer process is encrypted, you can choose mozy default encryption method, you can also set up their own!

5, easy to use
After setting, you can freely choose to store content, view extract is also very convenient.

Second, Symantec backup exec version
A few years ago, Symantec announced the backup exec 2012, designed to help users eliminate backup complexity, perform backups in 100 percent of the virtual environment, and provide real-time solutions based on a single, cloud-based data recovery. As part of this release, Symantec backup exec also improved user interface and configuration, thus providing a more simple customer experience. Furthermore, in order to more small businesses to promote leading-edge technology, Symantec backup exec launched a special Small Business Edition (backup exec small business edition) and backup exec.cloud, which makes more and more companies can only by 3 simple steps, in less than 10 minutes to complete data backup.

backup exec advantages:
1, with the new management console, eliminating backup complexity;
2, unified virtual and physical backup;
3, integrated disaster recovery;
4, cloud recovery;

Three, dropbox
Dropbox was founded in 2007, provides free and paid services, under different operating system client software, and there are web client that the file is stored locally saved automatically synchronized to the cloud server. Because the characteristics of the cloud service Dropbox storage costs will be infinitely diluted.

dropbox support drag and drop file upload bulk, single-file maximum limit 350m. If the end of the maximum single file upload limit with no customers, free accounts with a total capacity 2.0g, but if foreign chains traffic flow exceeded the entire account will be canceled.

Dropbox advantages:
1, multi-platform cloud sync
Dropbox has a comparative advantage in this regard, is the first to support is the most comprehensive coverage of all major system platforms, Dropbox currently supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Blackberry and Android client, users can use different devices to access the cloud.

2. Retrieve file:
Before Dropbox a popular features that can help users to go back to the 30 days of release, a very intimate function, especially for users to store important work documents.

3, outside the chain Share
Outside the chain of sharing with Dropbox, just right click on files and folders you can share any other user account can access without having to log in to share content, as long as the browser and enter your shared link. Dropbox shared folder set by the user, the content of which may be invited users to access, but they can also edit and modify the contents of the shared folder for company or family work, editing and so on.

Four, Zetta
Zetta company back in 2008 began offering cloud storage file system. Later also adds backup, security, performance and plug-ins. The latest iteration --Zetta DataProtect - is a complete cloud backup, restoration and disaster recovery systems.

Zetta advantages:
1, fast data transfer
Zetta DataProtect systems use a variety of techniques to back up all kinds of TB-level data sets or millions of small files in a few hours. These files are divided into blocks, duplicate data is deleted, and then compressed. If there is good bandwidth, data transfer is highly parallelized.

2, low cost
Merced College plans to spend $ 200,000 to build a second DC, storage, software. They chose Zetta. By paying a monthly fee, they can get unlimited number of clients, a scalable backup system engineers to support 24 √ó 7 hours, and many TB-level backup.
How to backup site is a qualified webmaster
3, good results
Zetta has created a scalable plug-in architecture to help backup application requests, and common Windows file copy. Plug-backs common applications, including SQL Server, Exchange and VMware. Every business has its own unique people do not know the set of applications, so programmers can write their own applications backup script, with plug API to connect them, Zetta data will be copied to the cloud.

Five more backup
Multi backup is mainly to help companies protect and manage data, data interoperability platform based on multiple cloud Cloud 5 technology. While also providing data backup, migration, recovery services.

Advantage of multiple backups are:
1, simple operation
Hosted mode, as long as 55 seconds can back up data to the cloud. Plug-ins or client installation is very simple.

2, cost savings
Compared to traditional backup services, it saves the cost of physical inputs and labor inputs, while adding a scoring system, making the cost is further reduced.

3, transmission speed
Over 40 nodes worldwide, while access to the domestic Ali cloud, mountain cloud, foreign Amazon, Microsoft and other cloud platform that enables automatic selection of data transmission.

4, transmission and storage of document security
Before the file transfer and transfer process have been encrypted.

Or return to the "customary" in the beginning of the problem, whether it is the whole point of regular backup backup site or sites database, believe the operation is not difficult, it is important to establish a webmaster or a sense of urgency, to establish the site manager backup concepts. This is way better than any backup, backup software are important.

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