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13 interesting JavaScript and CSS libraries

Author: bamboo06 on 16-02-2019, 02:29, views: 1228

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13 interesting JavaScript and CSS libraries

This is a jQuery plugin for entering autocomplete hints. This library leverages HTML5's /datalist /, allowing developers to easily organize the values ​​and properties of all possible select options. It can run multiple sections, refreshing UI, and is easy to use. .

Siema is a lightweight slide-switching plug-in that is only 1kb, doesn't need to rely on any js libraries, has no styles, and is very easy to set up and customize. It has a very smooth sliding effect and supports gesture sliding.

LoadJS is a small library for dynamically asynchronous loading of css and javascript dependencies. It allows you to fetch multiple resources in parallel and provides a simple callback method to execute after all loads have been completed. It is compressed to only 710 bytes.

Concise CSS
Concise CSS is a modern css framework that provides a lot of functionality. The modular design keeps the framework light and bloated. The core is to provide basic styles for native HTML elements, as well as basic form styles.

This is a lightweight plugin based on Vue.js that makes it easy to validate data from all models. It provides many built-in validations, such as required fields, maximum length, etc., as well as customization. Verifier. It is compatible with Vue.js 2.0 and has no other external dependencies.

Inferno is probably the fastest javascript UI library available today, borrowing React's syntax and coding style, but it provides a smaller and higher performance javascript package, even if you don't plan to use it, you can check out Github. It, the code does write well.

AOS - scrolling animation
Based on CSS-based, highly customizable scrolling animation javascript library, this library is very small, easy to use, provides CDN resources, and most importantly allows for great efficiency. See the aos official demo.
13 interesting JavaScript and CSS libraries

This is a very fast js library that predicts what the user will do next based on the position, direction, and speed of the user's cursor, and which elements will be manipulated next. It provides a simple API.

Date-fns is a modern javascript library for manipulating dates and times. It provides 140 useful functional methods, a simple api call, and a modular approach that lets you choose only what you need.

PulltoRefresh pull-down refresh effect
This is a smooth pull-down refresh that can be applied to mobile web applications. It's very small, doesn't require any external dependencies, and doesn't need to add extra html structure, just a simple javascript Api, and then set the way you like it. Just fine.

Based on the Vue.js 2 UI framework, it provides rich, concise, semantic and reusable components, a standard 12-grid grid layout.

A css library that can be used to create very beautiful buttons with animations that slide over the mouse. Now you have 13 styles of continuous style, each with 4 sizes and 6 different color schemes.

MenuSpy can detect the visibility of the webpage area corresponding to the navigation menu. The scrolling page and the menu corresponding to the window content do not need any style options. Just call the corresponding api to add or remove the class style.

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