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HTML5 - based video player with barrage function

Author: bamboo06 on 14-12-2016, 01:23, views: 4096

24 Danmmu Player is a barrage of Html5 video player. When we watch the video, you can express their views on the video, when you click the Send button, the content will be published in the video screen in the form of paintball issue, and do rolling animation, video barrage function.
HTML5 - based video player with barrage function

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HTML5 video tag video

Author: bamboo06 on 29-10-2014, 02:11, views: 1256

2 At this stage, we want to embed in a web page the most reliable and the most common way is to use video Flash, through the use of object and embed tags, you can play swf, flv format video files through the browser, but the premise is the browser must be installed first tripartite plugin: Adobe Flash Player. The arrival of HTML5 change the fact that, WEB developers only need to use video tag you can easily load the video files without the need for any third-party plug-ins.
WEB will be able in the future to any terminal, any platform simply by the HTML5 [video] tag will be able to achieve load the video file.

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Cross-browser compatible HTML5 video and audio player

Author: bamboo06 on 29-10-2014, 01:48, views: 2442

7 The HTML5 video and audio tags are used to join the video and audio tags in the page, with the support html5 browsers do not need to be pre-loaded Adobe Flash browser plug-in will be able to quickly and easily play video and audio files. And html5media.js can make video and audio tags take effect on the browser does not support html5.
Cross-browser compatible HTML5 video and audio player

Use html5media.js can be viewed on all browsers html5 video and audio files, which make up the lower versions of IE browser does not support the [video] and [audio] tag, you only need to load html5media.js use the [video] and [audio] tag will be able to cross-browser play video and audio.

Category: Javascript / HTML5