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https is the trend of the development of the world's websites

Author: bamboo06 on 27-11-2018, 14:27, views: 1704

0 HTTPS This is a lot of websites that are used to protect user data. It is enabled when the user logs in. More often, due to trade-offs in performance overhead, basically all data is transmitted unencrypted. Multimedia files, especially streaming media, seem to have no security problems in plain text transmission. However, they actually have very serious consequences, such as being maliciously hijacked traffic, and inserting a small advertisement on the page. The visitor also thought that this was the advertisement provided by the interviewed station. If it is a normal advertisement, it can be tolerated, but pornographic gambling false medical advertisements abound. This is certainly not a good user experience.
https is the trend of the development of the world's websites

So, in our particular environment, it's okay to focus on HTTPS, not to mention deploying HTTPS for the purpose of protecting user privacy.

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Reveal.js a - framework for doing web presentations

Author: bamboo06 on 3-04-2018, 13:57, views: 6293

6 Reveal.js is a tool that helps us easily create beautiful presentations using HTML, which is our common PPT slideshow. Reveal.js does not depend on any other javascript library and is an independent javascript plugin library. It offers a variety of slide transitions and is a great online demo library.
Reveal.js a - framework for doing web presentations

Reveal.js also has many advanced features, complete installation, some of the functions of reveal.js, like external Markdown and presentation notes, need the presentation to run on a local web server, so you need to run in nodejs environment, install node .js and grunt are a bit more complicated. This article uses a simple installation, combined with examples of the site, using reveal.js to achieve the functionality of the presentation.

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Talk about responsive front-end web design

Author: bamboo06 on 24-05-2015, 02:30, views: 2556

5 I have some time before the concept of responsive or Bootstrap, Amaze like the frame assembly, used a few times also disagree, I think the domestic search engine to provide mobile search results page or give mobile site extra points, but not like google responsive as recognition sites may take some time to develop. But there is no doubt that the priority now move to mobile Web trends, of course, if you use the domain name or other solutions are not impossible, but may be more responsive simpler, prospects are also good.
Talk about responsive front-end web design

Both three weeks I have been writing every day responsive page, thereby accumulated a lot of experience responsive page and the ajax. I generally focus combing several responsive page, or if you want to develop this talent was viewed with some interest, we hope to give you a little help.

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