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Cloudflare has a large-scale network failure

Author: bamboo06 on 2-07-2019, 20:45, views: 1196

0 On the evening of July 2nd, Cloudflare, a well-known website that provides services such as CDN service and DNS, has network errors in many parts of the world. The use of Cloudflare service website may lead to "502 gateway error", etc., and is affected by the failure of Internet infrastructure service provider Cloudflare. Impact, many websites have encountered downtime, prompting 502 gateway error when accessing.
Cloudflare has a large-scale network failure

Afterwards, Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince said that this round of downtime was not caused by hacker DDOS attacks, but the server was overloaded. "Due to a bug in the Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) service, this error caused a significant increase in CPU usage, causing a crash in the primary and backup systems and causing the user's website to encounter a 502 error; therefore, Cloudflare is temporarily down. Part of the WAF's functionality, solved the bug that caused the problem, and re-launched the WAF service."

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Gates: The biggest regret is that I can't do a good mobile phone system

Author: bamboo06 on 2-07-2019, 20:38, views: 946

0 Recently, it was revealed that Gates once again expressed his "great regret" to the Android system when he participated in the exchange activities organized by venture capital company Village Global.
Gates: The biggest regret is that I can't do a good mobile phone system

Gates said that the biggest mistake he made when managing the company was that he did not let Microsoft become the "non-Apple" operating system platform, and let Android rise, which is a $400 billion business.

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