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Cross-border marketing

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In the Internet marketing field, more and more frequently some very different type of cross-border cooperation in marketing, selling instant noodles and sell video collaboration, and even sell cars and hand tour also huh cross-border cooperation. You can predict that in the case of more expensive flow, cross-marketing will become increasingly common.
Cross-border marketing

So, as we engage in marketing, manage this marketing method, it is very necessary. To do so, by two points, the first is more successful cross-border marketing case studies, master operating skills; the second is the concept of the learning content of these aspects. Cross-marketing case, I have gathered a lot of children's shoes need to contact me, and we will be happy to share. Content on the concept of respect and in this article we explore next.

Why is this cross-marketing (and very large areas span) and more common it? This is determined by the characteristics of cross-border marketing of the decision. Cross-border marketing essence, is a kind of exchange of resources, but the resources are interchangeable user. You give me your user in exchange, I give you my users, the parties do not involve the design or funding to pay less, this approach allows both sides by smaller investment can get a lot of users, a win-win situation. This exchange of user marketing than brute users spend a lot of money to buy more effective marketing behavior. Therefore, this cross-marketing will gradually become the mainstream marketing methods.

How to choose the right partner

Although, cross-border marketing cost is very high, but there is a certain cross-border marketing of the difficulty of the operation. The ability to cross-border marketing of business cooperation has certain requirements, will also need to find a matching partner, this step determines the effectiveness and success of cross-border marketing largely cross-border marketing arguably the most important part. Many cross-border marketing of failure, the reason is that the wrong partner.

So, what kind of object is suitable partner choice? Several dimensions from the following considerations, to find the right partner.

First, there must be enough to cover the crowd. Cooperation user base object must be large enough to not be too small congregation, this condition is the basic condition of cooperation, no this, do not cooperate. As the user base is large enough to be considered big, this depends on the number of users expected their own goals and their own products, under normal circumstances, is not less than the number of users of their products.

Second, the user differentiation; the so-called user-differentiated, meaning the user can not be coincidence between the two sides can overlap a small amount, but not overlap too high. The purpose of marketing is to open up a new user, the two sides overlap the user will not be able to exchange. This is very easy to understand, but in the operation difficult, because the identification of user groups is a very difficult thing there is scientific and technological content. Many cross-border cooperation between large companies fail on this step is ignored, and only a subjective judgment on whether the user has both differentiation, resulting in an error of judgment, resulting in the failure of cooperation.

Third, total interest and so on; since it is cooperation, we need to win to reach. Both sides want through cross-border cooperation, consistent with the size of the benefit to be able to take what we need. Before deciding cooperation, both sides can consider whether to bring a big enough advantage, if cooperation can only bring their own very big interest, and give each other the benefit is very small, we do not consider this object a.

Fourth, the user fit high; user fit and high mean, just the two sides of users or potential users if the other user needs. For example, frequent users watch video online, most will eat instant noodles; often eat instant noodles Cock wire, will largely go to online video. Thus, the two sides have co-worth.

Fifth, it is possible to exchange resources; why this marketing method to take cross-border cooperation exchange of resources in nature, one of the aims is to reduce marketing costs. If you double cross-marketing approach to take, but also spend a lot of costs, it did not need to take this approach a. Cooperation either user change the user, the user is either the product change (to the other side of the user to send the products or vouchers, to guide them to become their own user; the other's gain is someone else's product active users), in the middle do not involve costs.

Objects that meet the five conditions is appropriate partner. And an object like this cooperation, in order to play its expected role. Moreover, the user meets the above conditions will be very easy to achieve cooperation and their own, because the interests of both exactly the same for them, find them to talk about cooperation, the equivalent interest free home delivery.

To find the right partner, the most difficult problem will be solved cross-border marketing, we can say, eighty percent of the work has been completed. The next step is to discuss and partner specific ways of cooperation.

On the difficulty of the operation, this step is very small, because both sides can benefit from collaboration, driven by interests, the two sides understand each other's operational characteristics, will always find the right ways of cooperation. As for the specifics of how to cooperate, there is no uniform standard, which depends on the characteristics of both sides as well as the field goal. The collaborative approach is more generic content implant is implanted in the other two sides of information with each other in their own products, the information is mainly offers, such as vouchers, coupons, free short-term VIP status.

Overall, cross-marketing, is the most economical method of marketing the highest consumption ratio. This marketing approach for start-ups, it is more suitable for adoption, but only on condition that they have begun to have a certain number of users for the job. If users have not even seed is not appropriate to take this approach a.

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