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What do we do about Content Marketing on earth?

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One day, an old classmate asked me what is being done? I say doing content marketing. He scratched his head very ignorant then asked: what is content marketing? I suddenly stumped, really bad answer, so bite the bullet and give him cited an example:
What do we do about Content Marketing on earth?

Sometimes you will see a very fire video in my circle of friends, tells the story of a university graduate in rural story first came to Shanghai to find work. Because of the dispossessed, the whole process is very bitterness, ran a lot of companies. Because it is not familiar with the road, he always use Baidu Maps for navigation, check travel information, view nearby accommodation and so on. After untold hardships, finally found a favorite work, and then call home, crying with bedridden mother said it all. Mom was very distressed and asked him, over there unfamiliar, understanding way? He said, Do not worry Mom, I use Baidu map, it is easy to find a place where you feel at ease at home to recuperate it.
I told the old classmate said, this is an example of a content marketing. The entire video looks very impressive, you will not feel it is advertising (even if one knows the ad is still so moved), as "touched hundreds of millions", has been in the circle of friends crazy turn, dissemination of results which the video is reached. In addition, in which the implanted Baidu map information, its purpose is achieved brand exposure. Throughout the process, the video as the content is very attractive, but also cleverly implanted brand message, "content + marketing" that way.

After listening to the old school, eyes light up, shouting, "Oh! I get it!." I'm smiling and silently swore: You know what? You know X-ah!

Yes, I cite that example just to perfunctory him, but he was very silly to think by nature, but also understand the industry. If you are doing content marketing should not just stay in such a superficial level.

In fact, every time someone asks you what to do, what they want to hear is not your job, but not what your profession is, but you usually are doing. The example mentioned above is only a general outline of the contents of the result of marketing it, practitioners should be concerned about is behind the operation led to this result.

Laymen watch, experts manufacturing lively. So, what do content marketing to do something in the end it? The following general order to sort out again:

1. Find a niche market
Those certain niche markets or niche market segments of the market are ignored ruler / has the absolute advantage of the enterprise.
What do we do about Content Marketing on earth?

These are the Baidu Encyclopedia explanation for niche markets. Popular point that belongs to your niche market is the market, what you get when the boss of a site, the inner land, you have the final say.

Why looking Zhunli Ji market? As is to avoid too much direct competition, so finally made himself black and blue, while costly, what benefits are not fishing. Drilling a hot industry and fantasy stand is silly naive.

OK niche market in the process can also be understood as a competitive analysis. Free tools can be the lingua franca of statistical analysis as a search engine tool, Weibo analysis tools and industry reports. In fact, most of the time do not expect an industry first and then use these tools to compete with network analysis.

2, characters analysis
Analysis of personas is to study the process of user needs. You can not just do service in the sale of a class of people, the user must be diverse, they have different needs you here. For example, according to points gender, male users and female users of the demand for your products and services is not the same, to have different content to guide these two types of people.

Each of the characters represents a demand type, so you have to do is to actually classify these requirements in this step, the various types of users concerned about the topic to find out, as the content planning reference.

3, content planning
The contents of the first plan what to do will not get lost, it's like a map to guide you to do the same kind of content. Project planning table of contents which should contain at least three dimensions: characters, shopping stages and forms of content.

4, the content producer
After the completion of the preceding steps, then come the workhorse content production process. This process is often continuous, spent the longest time. Usually is the most basic text content, the text can be evolved on the basis of a variety of content and form.
What do we do about Content Marketing on earth?

Content creation and content distribution is usually a certain time interval, in a plan which, content producers should be released ahead of a lot more than the content, so as to control the orderly release rhythm.

5, content distribution and promotion
After the good content is not sent to their own channels on the line, usually need to publish to a third-party platform to promote, to attract customers to your platform. For example, after doing a blog, often contribute to the well-known industry sites, traffic guide or brand exposure.

It should be noted that the output is rhythmic, not content to do a large number of batches after the launch to go on, but to carry out exploratory push and push and observation, the same as summoned.

6, monitoring and follow-up
Input and output monitoring content marketing has been a problem from the point of view of some fixed target can only assess the effect of one-sided. But no index would not be able to monitor and analyze, so rigid quotas or required. Common fixed target there is traffic, brand word index, bounce rate, comment volume, forward amount, like the amount of points and so on. Fixed target only the surface of the data reference, not the whole letter, and some deeper assessment may require manual operations, such as the proportion of positive comments and negative comments comments, visitors enter the destination page after and so on.

In addition, after the content publishing, not like spilled water drift like it, you still want it accountable. Therefore, to move towards the content of ongoing follow-up and maintenance. For example, there are certain pieces of sensitive negative comments appears, there may be a crisis, a timely dialogue with critics defuse the crisis.

Content marketing is not just to make a very creative video and viral spread so simple, it's a whole has a periodic cycle, substantially in accordance with the "preliminary analysis - Content Plan - Content Creation - Content of Use - Performance Evaluation" processes go, but not before each cycle simply juxtaposed relationship, but there are various forms of overlapping and cumulative. Content Content marketing process output are clear objectives, careful planning behind naturally contributed to the good results.

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