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What do we do about Content Marketing on earth?

Author: bamboo06 on 14-11-2014, 01:33, views: 1546

1 One day, an old classmate asked me what is being done? I say doing content marketing. He scratched his head very ignorant then asked: what is content marketing? I suddenly stumped, really bad answer, so bite the bullet and give him cited an example:
What do we do about Content Marketing on earth?

Sometimes you will see a very fire video in my circle of friends, tells the story of a university graduate in rural story first came to Shanghai to find work. Because of the dispossessed, the whole process is very bitterness, ran a lot of companies. Because it is not familiar with the road, he always use Baidu Maps for navigation, check travel information, view nearby accommodation and so on. After untold hardships, finally found a favorite work, and then call home, crying with bedridden mother said it all. Mom was very distressed and asked him, over there unfamiliar, understanding way? He said, Do not worry Mom, I use Baidu map, it is easy to find a place where you feel at ease at home to recuperate it.

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