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Use Javascript to control the background Close with Cookie

Author: bamboo06 on 13-11-2014, 02:38, views: 2915

3 Whenever significant during the holiday season, the major mainstream Home will put festive costumes, designers typically use a substantial background pictures to get a better visual impact, of course, also taking into account that some users are not accustomed to this great background, then place the "Close" button in the background is necessary, users simply click on the "Close background" button, a substantial background image will disappear.
Use Javascript to control the background Close with Cookie

We use javascript to control the background image to show and hide, when you click the close button, so that the page does not load control CSS background image while recording COOKIE parameters and set the cookie is valid, then refresh the page in the cookie is valid, is not reloading background, and if the cookie fails, the background image will reload.

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Mobile Internet brings opportunities to the community

Author: bamboo06 on 13-11-2014, 02:15, views: 3569

11 In recent years, we have heard the news about the Internet in the field of capital investment, the largest mergers and acquisitions in addition to BAT, the formations, that is, one has a vertical community of venture capital to get the message. Mom laps to get Tencent 50 million yuan capital injection, the United States won the SIG Asia grapefruit lead investor of $ 35 million investment, the United States and it received $ 2000 IDG Beauty collar vote shares, etc., the list goes on.
Mobile Internet brings opportunities to the community

The same community, on the one hand is beautiful it Beauty, Freaky help, US grapefruit new vertical community representatives for the rapid rise, limelight without the two, on the other hand, to the horizon, Mop represented by the traditional integrated community, and local community portal constant decline, decline, declining Alexa ranking horizon, Mop the headquarters moved to Nanning, described as rainbow night.

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