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Create bottom right corner of suspended ad by jQuery

Author: bamboo06 on 4-11-2014, 04:55, views: 1555

6 Lower right corner of the suspension advertising is a common web advertising presentation, but also interfere with the user's browser is suspected but the site is very popular with webmasters earnings welcome. Today I have to share a web page using jQuery to achieve the lower right corner advertising instance. Its advantage is slowly rising from the bottom right corner, showing a certain time automatically disappear, and you can change the website message prompt window.
Create bottom right corner of suspended ad by jQuery

Category: Javascript / Plugins


Use PHP generate a unique membership number

Author: bamboo06 on 4-11-2014, 03:55, views: 3516

40 When we want a huge number of data, while the median number have restrictions, such as license plate numbers 5, 10 of a document number, serial number of orders, short URL, etc., we can use the 36-ary calculated not repeat the numbers in line with the median.
Use PHP generate a unique membership number

We will use 0-Z (0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ) to represent the values ​​0-35, such as the letter Z represents 35. So I want to get a five numbers, the greatest amount of information is 36 5 th, and 36 ^ 5 = 60,466,176, which is equivalent to the maximum number of five decimal numbers: 60466176.
In order to do presentations in this article, we assume that a group of 10 paid a club membership number, membership number by three city ID card encoding +2 +5 bit checksum components. City number with area code indicated as 755 representatives of Shenzhen, five card numbers from card number consisting of 36 hexadecimal, followed by two check code is generated by a certain algorithm is able to use the checksum to verify the card number legitimacy. In this case, we generate 10 card number corresponds to the maximum to meet the 60 million membership number, and is not repeated unique card number.

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Using jQuery to achieve photo gallery over the information effect

Author: bamboo06 on 4-11-2014, 03:34, views: 4174

0 When you want to display more information in a limited space, we often take the mouse over pop more information layer to improve interaction. In particular, photo wall can be applied in the company, job recruitment website information display, and so the scene.
Using jQuery to achieve photo gallery  over the information effect

In this paper, with examples and share using jQuery to achieve over the picture show information effect. When the mouse slid photo will pop up the corresponding detailed information about the photo, see the demonstration effect.

Category: Javascript / Plugins