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jQuery election seat reservations online (theater piece)

Author: bamboo06 on 17-11-2014, 00:58, views: 87891

76 When our online ticketing (such as movie tickets, tickets, etc.) can choose their own seat. Developers listed seating seats on the page, the user can see at a glance the seat and payment can be selected. In this paper, cinema tickets, for example, to show you how to choose seats, seat selection data processing.
jQuery election seat reservations online (theater piece)

Here, I'll give you about a jQuery plugin based online seat selection: jQuery Seat Charts, it supports custom seat types and prices, support for custom styles, support settings are not optional seat, also supports keyboard control seat.

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Ttips and solutions for soft article marketing

Author: bamboo06 on 17-11-2014, 00:14, views: 3542

4 Soft article marketing is the most common and most effective marketing tool. Before the Internet is not universal, it is common, after the popularity of the Internet, this marketing model is becoming an essential means of corporate marketing, because the Internet will drop the cost of this model is very low, so many SMEs are able to do played.
Ttips and solutions for soft article marketing

While this marketing presence for so long, but a lot of people doing business and marketing article marketing do very soft failures, they still do not know how to effectively use this approach. In this article, I will combine their own soft article marketing experience as well as many excellent soft paper marketing case, complete and share with the operation of a successful article marketing software specific methods and procedures.

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