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15 best technique to build external links

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Now the search engine, is although already able to handle a variety of styles of URL, but we all know that the simpler things are easier to deal with, search engines are the same, in SEO work, outside the chain building is essential, Headache and vital, the following gives the outbound construction of 15 best tips for your reference only.
15 best technique to build external links

1, as far as possible to choose an independent domain name rather than directory for the new site

There are many friends, the beginning of the station will often put the new station on the high-key station in the new directory, after a certain time to do 301 redirect, this method is effective in a short time, but also limited, the main consideration is the search engine The contents of the old station, if the new directory content is not relevant, or a period of time to redirect to the non-sub-domain name but a new domain name, this operation will often affect the search engine rating.

2, URL as easy as possible easy to read

There is no doubt that the more readable the url, the search engine is more acceptable, and this is the same. Readability has always been a heavy job of seo, even more today Search engines can use the user's data to determine which people are more inclined to use the words, not accustomed to using what words.

Note: This is not to say that each component of the url are completely clear, at least url to be easy to understand, it is best very intuitive, can cause the attention of the target users, especially to do foreign trade SEO.

3, with good keywords in the URL

Url contains keywords is a very common and easy to use skills. Why use good keywords? There are several reasons:

First, the url is shared into the social network or mail, if it is an independent link exists, then the URL contains keywords, play a role in attracting attention.

Second, the url is often copied and pasted, and when there is no anchor text in the link, the url itself is treated as an anchor text, which is still a very important weight input for raising rankings.

Third, the keywords in the url will often be highlighted in the search results, studies show that url is the user in the choice of which site is a very important factor.

4, multiple URLs, similar content. Please standardize them.

If you have two url, the content is very similar, then consider normalizing them, choosing to use 301 redirects (if you do not have to keep duplicate URLs) or rel = nofollow (if you want to keep these two slightly different Url, such as the original page and the optimized page for better printing).

Duplicate content does not cause the search engine to drop the penalty unless you are copying the content on a large scale. But it will distract the weight that affects your ascending potential. But if you standardize them, then the original page and copy the page have the opportunity to win a better ranking and traffic.

5, as far as possible excluding dynamic factors

Here the dynamic factor refers to the &% #! Wait. If your url contains two such symbols, then consider re-generating the new url. You can use some url to regenerate the tool to help rewrite your url.

Although these symbols do not pose a huge problem, but to a certain extent, they will cause the url is too long and chaotic. This requires your own judgment. Studies have shown that social media to share the url, a short url because more clearly convey the site and content, more likely to cause people to click.

6, short is always longer than lengthy

In general, the short url is more likable.

Of course, do not have to go to the extreme, to ensure that the url is less than 50 to 60 characters. If the url contains more than 100 characters, then consider rewriting url. For search engines, dealing with long url is not a technical problem, but this is closely related with the user experience. The short url is easier to copy and paste to share and so on.

7, when the URL has the exact meaning, try to ensure that they and the title match

This is not the same as the title and url exactly the same, but try to communicate with the same central meaning.

8, no need to remove the pause

If the title or headlines appear in the pause words (and, or, but, one, that, etc.), no need to remove them in the url, because they can help you improve the url readability, make url easier to understand.

9, remove or control the bulky symbols

A to z, 0 to 9, there are some other special symbols can be retained, Latin characters, half-width, punctuation and the like, you can consider removing.

10, limit the number of jumps in less than twice

If the number of jumps too much, the search engine will automatically think that those pages are not so important. And, too many jumps, for the browser and the user, are very bad experience.

11, on the whole, the URL in the directory as little as possible

We often see a lot of links to the site is as follows, it is clear that the first two are more recommended.

First, / mulu / 2015/03/12 / 01.html

Second, / mulu / 2015031201.html

12, to avoid the window appears in the window

Many of the large flow of the site, often there will be a lot of pop, although the short-term advertising revenue, but this user experience is extremely bad!

Especially the new station, more can not bring the window, basically do not talk about ranking, included very difficult.

13, please pay attention to the URL under different systems

Some site URL part of the pseudo-static, such as classification is pseudo-static, the content is static pages, in the adjustment of the host, we must pay attention to different environments, pseudo-static rules are not the same. If there is a change in the form of the link, make sure to do 301.

14, using the connector and the underscore as the word is OK

This is the result of the search engine over the past few years, and the linker and underline can be used as a word segmentation. Spaces can be, but the URL too much use of such symbols, or influential.

15, the accumulation of keywords in the URL

This keyword accumulation, whether in the URL, or other places, are abandoned, especially in the URL accumulation of keywords, such as: like this link / mulu / seo-seo-seo-01.html such a practical effect Negligible.

Conclusion: the core to build external links, you can use three words to sum up, concise and clear.

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We amazed using the evaluation a person designed to get this to specific submit amazing. Fantastic exercise!

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These 15 best technique to build external links are helpful for every website you have.Along with keywords you can built your site on the top page.I have note down these tips,thanks a lot for sharing keep up posting more.

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