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Implementation of file breakpoint resume by HTML5

Author: bamboo06 on 31-01-2019, 22:10, views: 1259

1 HTML5's FILE api has a slice method that splits the BLOB object. The front end obtains the corresponding file through the FileList object, segments the large file according to the specified splitting manner, and then passes it to the back end one by one, and then the back end then splicing the files in a sequence.
Implementation of file breakpoint resume by HTML5

At present, there are two commonly used methods for resuming breakpoints. One is to upload files through the websocket interface, and the other is through ajax. Both methods have their own advantages. Although websocket sounds more high-end, it uses different ones. The other algorithms outside the protocol are basically similar, and the server needs to open the ws interface. Here, the relatively convenient ajax is used to illustrate the idea of uploading the breakpoint.

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Core.css - lightweight CSS reset and grid system

Author: bamboo06 on 31-01-2019, 22:03, views: 923

0 Core.css is a very small CSS reset and grid system. If your project is very small, you don't need to use a large css framework such as Bootstrap. You only need less than 4kb core.css, you can have css reset. And grid systems and responsive layouts.
Core.css - lightweight CSS reset and grid system

Core.css uses a .row to represent the rows in the container. If you append a class with the largest width to it, it represents a fixed-width row, otherwise it is a full-screen row. .col represents the column in the container, which divides the width of the container into 12 columns, which is what we often call a 12-grid system. .xs-12 represents a column width of 100%. Similarly, .xs-3 represents a column width of 25% because it requires 4 .xs-3 to reach 100% of the 12 grid. Others are analogously from .xs-1 to xs-12.

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Monolog-PHP log class library introduction

Author: bamboo06 on 2-12-2018, 17:47, views: 1623

0 Monolog is a full and easy to expand log log library under php. There are many well-known php frameworks including Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP and so on that have Monolog built in. Monolog can send your logs to files, sockets, inboxes, databases and various web services.
Monolog-PHP log class library introduction

Monolog follows the PSR3 interface specification and can be easily replaced with other log classes that follow the same specification. Monolog has good extensibility. Through the interfaces Handler, Formatter and Processor, you can expand and customize the Monolog library.

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https is the trend of the development of the world's websites

Author: bamboo06 on 27-11-2018, 14:27, views: 1472

0 HTTPS This is a lot of websites that are used to protect user data. It is enabled when the user logs in. More often, due to trade-offs in performance overhead, basically all data is transmitted unencrypted. Multimedia files, especially streaming media, seem to have no security problems in plain text transmission. However, they actually have very serious consequences, such as being maliciously hijacked traffic, and inserting a small advertisement on the page. The visitor also thought that this was the advertisement provided by the interviewed station. If it is a normal advertisement, it can be tolerated, but pornographic gambling false medical advertisements abound. This is certainly not a good user experience.
https is the trend of the development of the world's websites

So, in our particular environment, it's okay to focus on HTTPS, not to mention deploying HTTPS for the purpose of protecting user privacy.

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Website status code

Author: bamboo06 on 14-11-2018, 18:19, views: 2030

2 404, 503, 301, the website status code is the most common, but as a webmaster, you should have more website status codes in order to respond to various errors in the website and fix errors faster. Here are some website status codes that Yang Xiaojie blogs for everyone.
Website status code

100 Continue
The initial request has been accepted and the customer should continue to send the rest of the request. (HTTP 1.1 new)
101 Switching Protocols
The server will switch to another protocol in accordance with the client's request (HTTP 1.1 new)
200 OK
Everything is ok, and the answer to the GET and POST requests is followed.

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Drag and Drop Drag and Drop for HTML5

Author: bamboo06 on 11-11-2018, 21:41, views: 1853

1 Drag & Drop is a common feature that grabs an object and drags it to another location. In HTML5, drag and drop is part of the standard, and any element can be dragged and dropped. In the past, we used the Mousedown, Mouseove, Mouseup and other events of the mouse to constantly acquire the coordinates of the mouse to modify the position of the element. Now the html5 native Drag & Drop event (DnD) is convenient and the performance is improved.

Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Opera 12, Chrome, and Safari 5 support drag and drop.

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Use javascript to realize related operations of adding to cart

Author: bamboo06 on 10-10-2018, 16:53, views: 1767

1 There are many ways to add items to the shopping cart. The usual way is to click the “Add to Cart” button and you will be redirected to the shopping cart. In the shopping cart, you can click the “Billing” button to settle. Today I will introduce you to a more friendly solution.
Use javascript to realize related operations of  adding to cart

By default, the shopping cart is hidden and invisible. When the user clicks the Add to Cart button, the item information will be added to the shopping cart. The shopping cart will appear as a button in the lower right corner of the page. Clicking the button will expand the shopping cart. , display the product information in the shopping cart, and also delete or settle the items in the shopping cart. Users can also temporarily close the shopping cart to continue shopping.

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Building LEMP environment in CentOS 7.x

Author: bamboo06 on 3-04-2018, 23:29, views: 24591

0 Recently, due to project requirements, the server was upgraded from CentOS6 to CentOS7, and the corresponding PHP version was also upgraded to PHP5.6. We are familiar with a one-click installation package for LEMP environment, but in this article we will install each component module separately and build a complete PHP operating platform.
Building LEMP environment  in CentOS 7.x

The LNMP environment we often refer to is the Linux/nginx/MySQL/PHP combination. What is LEMP? Actually, Nginx is pronounced Engine-X = E. The LEMP package is made up of Linux, nginx, MariaDB/MySQL, and PHP. It seems that LEMP and LNMP are the same. Now, it is customary to call LEMP in the industry. MariaDB is a branch of the community-driven MySQL database. It has more features and better performance, so we installed MariaDB under CentOS7. I already installed CentOS7. Now I just need to install Nginx, MariaDB and PHP.

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Reveal.js a - framework for doing web presentations

Author: bamboo06 on 3-04-2018, 13:57, views: 5974

6 Reveal.js is a tool that helps us easily create beautiful presentations using HTML, which is our common PPT slideshow. Reveal.js does not depend on any other javascript library and is an independent javascript plugin library. It offers a variety of slide transitions and is a great online demo library.
Reveal.js a - framework for doing web presentations

Reveal.js also has many advanced features, complete installation, some of the functions of reveal.js, like external Markdown and presentation notes, need the presentation to run on a local web server, so you need to run in nodejs environment, install node .js and grunt are a bit more complicated. This article uses a simple installation, combined with examples of the site, using reveal.js to achieve the functionality of the presentation.

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Tips about the file upload

Author: bamboo06 on 16-11-2017, 22:45, views: 15113

1 File upload WEB development in a wide range of applications, we often send microblogging, send micro-channel circle of friends have used the picture upload function. File upload refers to the process of uploading local images, videos, audio files to the server for other users to browse or download. Today, I talk to you about the common file (picture) upload methods and points to deal with.
Tips about the file upload

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